Manufacturing Summary

Crude oil is an ever-increasing demand that demands the natural resources that started modern human civilization. Even more than a century after it was introduced to the public, oil still remains one of the most important commodities that is widely used in various fields that support the world as we see it today, such as energy production, transportation, agriculture, heat production, etc.

Since crude oil is a non-renewable resource, its price has increased over time. Only in the past few decades has the price of crude oil increased by over 350%; therefore, fuel economy has become a serious issue in this difficult time. Although there are efforts to modify the physical condition of the engine or find alternative fuel to reduce the impact of price increases, we put more focus on the source, the fuel itself.

Now, let us proudly present the star product—the Ecostar Fuel Saver—the result of hard work, R&D, and refinement for over 25 years. Ecostar Fuel Saver will improve the performance of the entire engine and reduce fuel consumption by more than 30%. It is designed to be a universal and friendly fuel additive.
consumer that can be used by any engine powered by diesel or gasoline.

We hope that with Ecostar Fuel Saver and Ecostar Bio-Sealant, we can ultimately help your organisation minimise expenses. fuel without affecting engine power or our environment.


Ecostar products include multi-functional palm oil-based fuel additives designed to blend fuels to achieve fuel savings effects along with significant improvements in overall engine performance, power, and sealing power.


with secret technology to absorb more oxygen and hydrogen containing methane to combine in fuel.


Extend the hydrocarbon chain of the fuel to produce an explosion with greater power output.

Lubricants and Sealants

Highly concentrated palm olein oil produces the lubricating power required by the engine to lubricate the combustion chamber.

Activated olein oil will form a sealing layer in the combustion chamber to protect it.

Check out our 2 minute sooty black smoke demo video!

In this short video, I use two lamps with diesel oil. The purpose of this experiment is to compare diesel combustion before and after the application of ecostar bio-additive. Both lamps are initially tested without the application of ecostar, and then they are illuminated. Both lamps were successfully lighted, but both emitted black smoke.

There is no direct fuel injection system like in the engine because of the lamp. To symbolise the injection of fuel, a bio-additive ecostar is placed on the wick of the lamp on the right. The diesel fuel and the left-side lamp were not disturbed.

Then, both bulbs are illuminated once more. Consequently, the lamp on the left still emits sooty black smoke. In contrast, the right light containing ecostar bio-additive does not emit any smoke or soot. Even the flame on the ecostar bio-additive lamp burns nicely with a consistent flame.

If implemented, it will reduce the amount of black smoke emitted by automobiles, hence enhancing environmental protection.

Let’s try it! The ecostar bio-additive helps you save money and fuel.

Among the product functions are:

1. Fuel savings
2. Increase power
3. Lubricating power
4. Engine Seals
5. Organically based
6. User-friendly
7. Universal
8. Euro 4 Standard

How Ecostar Works

Instead of physically modifying engine parts, Ecostar’s unique formulation targets the fuel itself to achieve better results. It all starts with combining Additives Ecostar Fuel in the fuel, and that’s all you need to do to start enjoying fuel economy and increased power; let us take care of the rest.

View our other 1-minute demo videos! how quickly ecostar additive compounds dissolve.

This little video is a demonstration of how quickly and instantly ecostar bio-additive dissolves in a solution of diesel or petrol. The demonstration may be viewed here. No sediment, safe and smooth vehicle and engine operation.


Why should you choose Ecostar?

1. Oil savings of more than 30%
2. User-friendly
3. Product insurance up to RM2.8 million
4. Universal to all types of vehicles that use gasoline and diesel.
5. Environmentally friendly
6. Product R&D is extended for up to 25 years, and the effectiveness of the R&D process is further improved product.

Advantages of Ecostar Products

1. The journey becomes longer in kilometres (km).
2. better engine performance
3. The engine becomes quieter.
4. knock proof.
5. Longer engine life
6. Reduces the formation of black smoke

The great thing about palm oil

Short intro about Ecostar

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say: 

Old motorcycle performance looks like new after using Ecostar.
Fast pickup, save fuel!

I am very satisfied with the effect of Ecostar Fuel Saver on my motorcycle. My motorcycle that has been around for a long time feels like NEW again; the pickup is faster, lighter, and really saves fuel than usual – Mr. AlimYatim, Sandakan, Sabah.

Testimonial for Ecostar Bio-Sealant from a Mechanic

Many customers are satisfied with the performance of the engine after using Ecostar Bio-Sealant. The engine is quieter, the pickup is more powerful, it just goes steadily uphill, and it saves fuel! – Fazrie Mekanik, Jalan Chain Ferry, Butterworth, Penang

My 17-year-old pickup is like new again!

The Toyota Hilux 2.5 car belonging to Mr. Sani from Sandakan, Sabah, although it has reached the age of 17, is still as good as new after using the Ecostar Fuel Saver product in the diesel and Ecostar Bio-Sealant in the engine. Mr. Sani is very satisfied with the latest performance after using Ecostar products. have been using Ecostar products since 2019 until now.

I have been using the product for more than 2 years; my car engine is so light, and I can enjoy significant savings.

MdFaizal Mokdeh

I have almost been using it for a year. Both the performance and the savings are phenomenal.

jlorna welfred joseph

I have been a die-hard user of Ecostar since 2019. Driving would not be ideal without Ecostar!

noor jee

Coach Rafael’s fuel-saving story

3 reasons why you should choose Ecostar

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

The ecostar® brand has been granted a patent and a trademark registration certificate by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. This complies with both the TRADE MARKS REGULATION of 1997 and the TRADE MARKS ACT of 1976.

Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia

The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia has issued a patent for industrial design registration on the packaging design of the ecostar® fuel saver product. This is in accordance with the 1999 Industrial Design Regulations and the 1996 Industrial Design Act.

Laboratory Testing

Ecostar has been put through rigorous testing at the following third-party facilities, all of which have confirmed the product’s safety, enhanced performance, decreased exhaust emissions, and decreased fuel consumption.

Testimonials From Industry Users

Let’s see their positive changes after using our additive.